Media Studies Group demands TRAI to place Consultation document in Indian languages and extend deadline for feedback on Net Neutrality.

New Delhi: April 20, 2015: Media Studies Group, a Delhi based think tank on communication studies, held a marathon meeting on Sunday on internet neutrality in the light of TRAI’s consultation paper on over-the-top (OTT) services. The meeting discussed various technical, legal and social aspects emerging out with the Airtel’s Plan Zero and venture of facebook.

There was a complete unanimity that the issue of net neutrality is complex in nature and masses need to be educated in simple and non technical jargons so that a fair opinion can be generated on the functioning of the internet as the present move, if successful, will pose a serious challenge to the principle of equality and democratic character of the internet.

The meeting took a critical view of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) for its failure in presenting the consultation document in Indian languages and chose only English for a move which has the potential of altering the fair access to internet by large number of users of Hindi and other regional languages. Media Studies Group also felt that deadline of April 24 is unreasonable and should be extended.

It has been decided that a representation will be given to TRAI to demand presentation of consultation document in Indian languages with an easy to understand language and set a new reasonable deadline for feedback . Media Studies Group has also decided to give a detailed representation to TRAI on the issue of Net Neutrality with an holistic view seeking protection of fundamental principles and rights enshrined in Constitution of India.


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